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The Sustainable Way To Dress Smart

The Sustainable Way To Dress Smart


In 2018, our eyes have been opened to the true extent of the damage that has been inflicted on Planet Earth by the human race, and the catastrophic consequences of this damage are becoming a worrying reality. However, 2018 has also seen a larger movement than ever towards the protection of our planet, such as a worldwide backlash against the use of harmful materials like plastic.

For many, we are entering a period where it is becoming increasingly important to make alterations to our lifestyles to benefit the world we live in, and those who will live in it after us. However, making these small alterations doesn’t mean we have to change our lives completely, especially when it comes to the way we dress.

There are eco-friendly leaders in the fashion industry who are creating with sustainability in mind. Enter OffTheWood, a modern accessories company based in Winnipeg, Canada, and a true pioneer in the use of wood as a primary material.


After a 2014 trip to his old neighborhood in Burundi, East Africa, OffTheWood founder Franck Ndayubashe was shocked and saddened by the poverty he encountered there. This was what inspired him to kickstart a clothing line, with the motive to help the people of Burundi. After trying out a variety of fabrics, he made the innovative decision to create his accessories from recycled wood – designed to serve both the planet and the people.

His first creation was our wooden bowtie, fashioned from old wooden cabinets and drawers. After making his first sale by chance at a gas station, he has never looked back.

OffTheWood now offers 15 styles of wooden bowties  to suit every personality and occasion, from the dark, polka-dotted Linus, to the light and floral Orea. Not only are our unique bowties sourced from recycled wood to prevent wastage, but they are also completely biodegradable. What’s more, OffTheWood are partnered with Trees For The Future, and are committed to our pledge to plant a tree for every bowtie we sell, giving back to the environment that so many of us often take for granted. 

Since then, the company collection has further expanded to include other alternative accessories such as wooden lapel flowers, and wooden sunglasses, and will only continue to grow! OffTheWood even provides a wooden wedding-wear package, so the groomsmen can remain eco-friendly on The Big Day! It has never been clearer that you can dress smartly while choosing to opt for sustainable materials with a socially responsible impact.

With the help of OffTheWood, you can find a new, creative and sustainable way to dress smart, while raising awareness for being environmentally-friendly, and making a contribution to the planet that we call home. Stay tuned on our blog for insights on the sustainable fashion industry, wooden accessory updates, how-to-wear tutorials, and much, much more!

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