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The Way To Wear: The Wooden Bowtie

The Way To Wear: The Wooden Bowtie

The Way To Wear: The Wooden Bowtie

A wooden bowtie is not just one of those quirky fashion pieces that’ll get lost in the back of your wardrobe after a single wear. No, a bowtie from OffTheWood is a long-lasting and versatile accessory that will carry you from a casual lunch to a cute date night, from your business meeting to your after-work cocktails, and through every formal life event you can possibly imagine, from your graduation to your wedding day.

However, since you’re new to the wonderful world of wooden accessories, we’ll forgive you for not being sure of the ‘correct’ way to wear your handcrafted wooden bowtie. That’s why we’re here to tell you there is no ‘one way’ to wear your OffTheWood bowtie. Read on to see some of our top picks to pair our favorite accessory with... 

For a casual lunch

If you want to add a touch of cool to your laid-back lunch look, simply add an OffTheWood bowtie to your favorite casual shirt, whether it’s denim, corduroy or flannel. A richer, darker wood is our favorite for this type of look; hit up our rosewood Phoenix bowtie to see what we have in mind.

For a cute date night

For a cosy date-night outfit that will impress that special someone, throw on one of our bowties with a pullover sweater for a look that will make them melt. Our zebrawood Helios bowtie with a black and white centre knot is the perfect charmer for a night of wining and dining.


From your business meeting to your after-work cocktails

When it comes to workwear, the phrase ‘less is more’ will really help how you dress, both in and out of the office! Channel high-end simplicity with a plain white button-up, offering the ideal blank canvas that lets your awesome bowtie do all the talking on the style front. If you’re feeling funky, opt for the fun, polka-dotted redwood Linus bowtie, or try the slick, ebony Caesar if you’re hoping to achieve something more refined.

And for every formal life event you can possibly imagine

Of course, we’ve saved our favorite look until last: the bowtie never looks more dashing than when it’s a piece of your formal attire, whether you choose to pair it with a cummerbund or a set of fun braces! Whether your traditional tuxedo takes your fancy, or you’re more inclined to a three-piece suit, you can be assured that each and every unique bowtie from our wide selection will make the perfect partner. If it’s a strictly black-tie affair then go for our newest addition, the Hamon. If it’s something a little lighter, like a Christening or a summer wedding, our beautiful, handmade Orea bowtie and Molly lapel combo, complete with a delightful floral centerpiece will do the trick!


Now you know what to wear your new OffTheWood bowtie with, it’s time to take the plunge and buy one! Remember, for every bowtie you buy, we pledge to plant a tree to give back to the environment!



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