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Which Wooden Bowtie Is Perfect For You?

Which Wooden Bowtie Is Perfect For You?

You might have heard that wooden bowties are emerging as a must-have accessory in 2019 and beyond, but how can you go about choosing the one that suits you the best? OffTheWood is a leading innovator in wooden accessories, and our handcrafted, totally natural bowties are the star of the show! Not to mention that for every bowtie we sell, we plant a tree to give back to the environment that we have resourced from.

OffTheWood plants a tree for each product sold


At OffTheWood, we have such a wide variety of bowties on offer, in all shapes, colors and sizes, it can often prove difficult to pick your favorite! Luckily, we’ve got a bowtie that will complement every individual, and we’ve shortlisted some of our A-listers, each with a personality to match yours! Read on to see which bowtie is perfect for you...


The Trendsetter: The ‘Philo’

Daniel posing with Rosewood wooden bowtie

If you like staying ahead of the curve, then The ‘Philo’ was made for you. Bold and unexpected, this striking bowtie with a contemporary black and red centerpiece will be sure to turn heads in every room you’re in. This fashion-forward bowtie is created from a distinctive red-hued rosewood, bringing an essential pop of color to any outfit. All the cool kids are wearing it: The ‘Philo’ is the extra dose of dandy that you’ve been missing.


The Boy Next Door: The ‘Kallen’

OffTheWood zebra wooden bowtie

Reliable, charming and easy on the eyes... sound familiar? That’s right, The ‘Kallen’ is your classic Boy Next Door, complete with a soft floral knot that will brighten any occasion. Don’t underestimate this cute character; the diverse zebrawood material makes The ‘Kallen’ a dark horse.


The Man About Town: The ‘Galen’

One of the newest bowties in our collection, The ‘Galen’ is a perfect fit for the city slicker, keeping you classy from your morning meeting right up until those after-work cocktails. Sleek, sharp and sophisticated, this chiseled ebony bowtie will be a conversation-starter for every social encounter.

Franck Ndayubashe's wedding wearing Galen wooden bowtie

The Intellectual: The ‘Paris’

Every academic needs a bowtie! What footsteps could be better to follow than the fashionable French? True to its name, The ‘Paris’ is a smart and straight-laced design made from beechwood, and off set with an ostentatious black and white gingham that breathes elegance and refinement.

OffTheWood's Paris beech wooden bowtie

The Life of the Party: The ‘Leon’

You’re loud, you’re ludicrous, you’re lively – you’re The ‘Leon’! This eclectic mix of cherry and walnut wood is covered with a sizable smattering of eye-catching polka dots that will draw the attention of everyone you meet! This bowtie echoes a traditional shape, while also screaming eccentricity and fun, and always sure to put you in the mood to party. The ‘Leon’ is a fan favorite, just like you!


OffTheWood The Leon Beech wood bow tie

Now that we’ve helped you meet your perfect bowtie match, you’re all set for dressing smart over the festive period and on into the New Year! Share with your friends to tell them which wooden bowtie is perfect for them...

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