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Wooden Accessories: The Perfect Christmas Gift

Wooden Accessories: The Perfect Christmas Gift

It’s that time of year again! Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, which means that it’s time for lists to be made, trees to be decorated, food to be prepared, and the all-important Christmas to be bought and wrapped! However, Christmas time also means that consumer culture is at its peak, which has a hugely detrimental effect both on our planet, and to many of the people who live on it. So, while it’s important to treat your loved ones to a special gift, it’s equally important to give back to Planet Earth and its less fortunate people, so we can begin the New Year as we mean to go on. It isn’t always easy to think of a new and interesting present that would be appreciated by everyone and has a positive effect on the world instead of a negative one. This is where the little elves from OffTheWood step in to give you a helping hand...

Loved by the whole family

Wooden accessories are coming up in fashion in a big way. Created out of recycled wood, OffTheWood offers wooden accessories that everyone will love! The men in your family will be thankful for their new Phoenix bow tie, fashioned from festive red rosewood! Or, if they’re really lucky, you’ll treat them to one of our convenient bow tie and lapel combos – how about the fantastic zebrawood Helios bow tie and Lukas II lapel combo, which like all of our products, is made entirely from biodegradable, non-toxic wooden materials. If you’re looking for something for the women in your family too, check out our sunglasses range, which offers shapes and sizes to suit everyone!

Your new favorite stocking filler

OffTheWood specializes in wooden accessories that are all small enough to fit in your pocket – which means they’re the perfect size for a stocking! What better way to start your Christmas morning? If stockings aren’t your scene, never fear – these wooden goodies will look just as great wrapped up under the tree, and just as well received!

The gift that gives back

Giving a wooden accessory as a gift this Christmas won’t just impact the person receiving it; it will have a resounding impact on the world, and the people that live in it. Not only are our accessories created from recycled wood, but here at OffTheWood, we stand by our pledge that every time you purchase one of our bow ties, we’ll plant a tree, to give back to the environment that we so often take from.


At OffTheWood, we also feel very strongly about doing our bit for people in the world who are less fortunate, especially at times like Christmas. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to donating 5% of our annual revenue to the fight against poverty. That’s why an OffTheWood accessory truly embodies the holiday spirit and makes the perfect Christmas gift!

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