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Not just fashion but fashionable for a change

The way you feel when you wear a niece piece wooden accessorie is 10 times more when you know you are being part of change. We believe that to end poverty, hunger and environment damage lies in the hands of people. The current biggest issue is climate change and global warming and as results these changes are affecting mostly rural population in Africa.We stand behind people and communities in need of help and we try to contribute in any way possible.


We participate in programs that work to combat climate change impact on hunger and poverty in Africa. We have team up with local and international non-profit organizations that are already working on the field.

 Being socially responsible is integral to what we do. Transformation begins with the desire for a better life. Training creates a deep, personal impact among project participants, which in turn leads to a lasting impact among communities.

Our fundings go to preserve farming soil, planting trees, build irrigation projects and provide better seeds

We donate 5% of revenue annually towards fighting poverty, hunger and environment damage.

 Each purchase you make will impact other people's lives and of course our beautiful earth. We may not change the world but we are the vehicle to connect you in helping others and to be part of the change.

We are part of the change, So are YOU!