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Why we started this journey

While travelling to East Africa in Burundi on vacation in 2014, I was speechless by the massive scale of environmental devastation and poverty. I was kind of shocked by what I saw there. The river I used to swim in when I was a kid was all dried up. The housing in my old neighborhood was collapsing. Additionally, most of the people I grew up with were out of work and the government didn't seem to care. Sometimes, you have to experience yourself the reality of what it’s going on in the world in order to understand the impact. That experience became my motive to make a difference. In thinking of fundraising ideas, I thought about offering something unique to the world and something that connects directly

Our Product

Wooden bow ties are our major product. We love bow ties because they are elegant, classic and a necessity in the closet of the modern gentleman. Wood is the right choice for us owing to its non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, recyclable and energy efficient characteristics. Its use makes us stand out to leave a lasting impression. Coming from popular demand, we’ve also extended our product line to cover wooden lapel flowers and wooden sunglasses that are personalized and uniquely designed.Each wooden bowtie is different because no two pieces of wood we use are identical, even when from the same type of tree. This is because of the development pattern, density of its cells and orientation as it goes through diverse seasons.

We specially hand-make and design our wooden bow ties in Canada.


What we do

OffTheWood is a premium wooden fashion accessory brand based in Canada. We have a passion for design and for luxury look. We have partnered with a manufacturer that uses state of the art technology to create the finest art possible while keeping the same consistent on every product. We strive toward growing a business that is committed to providing fashion-forward, quality products for reasonable price for everyone to enjoy. Our finishing is handmade with care and precision. We use renewable resources in all our products with minimum wood manipulation. Our packaging for our sunglasses is a foldable case made from 100% recyclable Kraft paper.
We want to redefine fashion accessories into something very exciting and that catches everyone’s attention. Like they say, “you never get second chance to make a good first impression” but do not worry get the first chance with us and you won't need a second chance.

Our company is a brand that represents authenticity, quality and that inspires sustainability.
                       Fashionable      Sustainability      Social responsible (Impact)