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Floral Cotton Tie Set-  Black rose flower -offthewood


Floral Cotton Tie Set- Black rose flower

Regular price $45.00 CAD $29.95 CAD

The best thing about this tie is that it can be worn with a casual or formal outfit, don't be afraid to stand out your colleagues with your unique sense of style at the office. This tie boasts a slimmer cut of just 2.5" giving a more modern appeal.

This item's measurements are

150 cm length of Skinny Tie

6.5 cm widest point

3.5 cm narrowest point

    • Made with cotton
    • Comes with  matching Lapel flower
    • Perfect for wedding
    • Stylish for engagement
    • Necessary for bachelor & bachelorette party
    • Ideal for anniversary
    • Exclusive for business meeting
    • Very special as a gift


Dry clean

Hand made