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Red Feather Handmade Bow tie -offthewood


Red Feather Handmade Bow tie

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Everyone needs something red in his or her wardrobe and this red feather bowtie specked with bits of black is the perfect addition to your collection. The fiery red feathers add a sizzling touch of class and bringing out the elegant side of your ensemble.

    • Pre-tied bow tie
    • Comes with  matching Brooch pin
    • Bow tie size is 11.5cm X 6.5Ccm
    • Feathers are all-natural and sustainably sourced
    • Comes in Wooden box
    • Perfect for wedding
    • Stylish for engagement
    • Necessary for bachelor & bachelorette party
    • Ideal for anniversary
    • Exclusive for business meeting
    • Very special as a gift

It takes us around 4-5 hours to make each feather bow tie. Every feather is hand selected by our artisans, making no two ties exactly alike.